Naleighna Kai, Lisa Watson, Pat G’Orge Walker, Martha Kennerson, Michelle D. Rayford, Janice Pernell, J. L. Campbell, Kisha Green, and Terri Ann Johnson all bring an array of prose that is sure to provide a ... delicious literary experience. They have crafted stories in a range of genres from contemporary fiction, romantic suspense, women’s fiction, romance, erotica, and even a thriller to give you a taste of the most anticipated fiction offerings of the year.


We hope you’ll find this anthology is an eclectic blend that will stay with you long after the pages have been turned. But it doesn’t have to end here. Take a walk on the sweet side in the accompanying anthology, Sugar, featuring New York Times bestselling author S. L. Jennings and national bestsellers J. D. Mason, Shakir Rashaan, London St. Charles, and Naleighna Kai.


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There's a time for playing it safe, but sometimes you need to spice things up!

Cassia Hampton needs a husband to go undercover. People are leaving the La Dova Outer Banks, an exclusive couples-only resort, and filing for divorce. Suspecting corporate espionage, the Queen of Hospitality hires Hampton Reese Investigations to get answers. With all her other operatives on assignment, Cassia reluctantly turns to her business partner, and former flame, Dylan Reese, for help.


Dylan sees posing as Cassia's love-struck husband as a prelude to rekindle their love. His idyllic romantic getaway has some unexpected pitfalls that could jeopardize their most recent assignment and his relationship with his partner.

Putting business first, Cassia pushes her affections for Dylan to the back seat because she's not about to risk being distracted at work. While her head concentrates on business, her heart hasn’t forgotten Dylan's ability to affect her, but denying her feelings for him may be one secret she can’t keep hidden.


Story Notes for Spicing Things Up!


Working on the Spice Anthology was a unique combination of fun, hard work, and lots of creativity for me. Each of the authors brought a unique style and their own personality to the project. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to be edited by Naleighna Kai She challenged me as an author and ensured that I told the best possible story. I enjoy writing in locations that lend themselves as backdrops for a great romance, and for Spicing Things Up, the Outer Banks in North Carolina does just that.


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