He lost her once. Is this their second chance? 

Transforming a vision for Belle Cove Resorts into reality is a breakout move that could take Dakota Carson's image specialist company to the next level. But it means teaming up with the man who broke her heart. Soon enough, Dakota's overwhelming desire for the gorgeous entrepreneur reawakens. But giving in to passion could cost her way too much. 

Years ago, Logan Montague walked away from everything, including the woman he loved. Now CEO of his family's international resort chain, he won't risk losing Dakota another time. With his matchmaking aunt's blessing, he and Dakota are united in business—and pleasure. And so Logan embarks on his scheme of seduction, sweeping Dakota away to an exotic Jamaican hideaway. With both their professional and personal futures on the line, can they learn to trust and love each other…again?

Love By Design

  • Book 3 in The Match Broker's Series, this lovely gift pack includes:

    Elegant Gift Bag

    Autographed copy of Love By Design

    Love Themed Mug


    Yummy Sweets


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