Looking for a great gift for yourself, family or friends? How about giving the gift of love this Christmas. A Fiance for Christmas Gift Pack includes:


  • An Autographed Copy of my Sweet (Clean Read) Romance Novella, A Fiance for Christmas

  • A Holiday-Themed Mug

  • A Metal Decorative Bookmark

  • And Surprise Treats

All in a Christmas Gift Bag and sent Priority Flat-Rate Shipping!

A Fiance For Christmas Holiday Gift Pack

  • How do you work in the Christmas industry, and not love Christmas?


    Alyssa Bailey has lost count of how many times either she, or someone she knows, has posed that question. It’s not that she dislikes this time of year, but it's a painful reminder of what she no longer has: her father. Now family gatherings don’t feel the same.

    Throwing herself into her job, Alyssa soon becomes indispensable to her boss, Julian Hawthorne. When she literally runs into Niles, Julian’s younger brother, she leaves an indelible impression. Soon, she finds herself working with Niles, and his mother, Nadine Ray Hawthorne on an annual holiday event at a local Children’s hospital.


    Niles Hawthorne is surprised to find that he and Alyssa have so much in common. It doesn’t take him long to realize that his unexpected partnership with Alyssa is special. She’s talented, funny, and drama-free. Something that he’s come to appreciate lately.

    When they discover that unexpected loss is another similarity they share, their bond grows.

    Eventually, neither can stop the undeniable pull of attraction.


    Will this Christmas bring Alyssa a love that lasts forever, or will the company’s ironclad rule of no employees dating keep them apart?


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