Interview with Danger - A new clean Romantic Suspense by National Bestselling Author Lisa Watson.

A tell-all novel, a stalker, and a checklist of suspects have debut author Sasha Lambert trying to determine what's fact or fiction. 

The Passport Diaries is an instant hit, but Sasha’s ex-boyfriend, Milo Georgopoulos thinks it’s all about their relationship and airing his dirty laundry. He gives Sasha an ultimatum: Ditch the book or else.       


Entrepreneur and former athlete, Pierce Deveraux thinks he too has been placed between the pages of Sasha's novel. Determined to make Sasha pay for putting a ding in his knight-in-shining-armor image, Pierce contemplates how best to even the score.  

When strange things begin happening wherever Sasha goes even her twin sister, Dr. Sienna Lambert-Deveraux worries for her safety.  With an adoring assistant, an ambitious publicist, and jealous ex-lover vying for her attention, Sasha soon finds herself at the center of a dangerous tug-of-war.


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