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A New Romantic Suspense Series. 

In Danger? Alexa King's Got Your Back!

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After a life-altering attack as a teenager, Alexa King swore never to be the victim, but life has a way of throwing curve balls. One again her life is again in peril. Refusing to wallow in fear, Alexa begins self-defense classes, and military-grade training to continue the journey to inner strength, physical endurance, and mental discipline.  Seven years later, she’s one of the most respected women in her field, and her company, A.K. Security, is thriving. No stranger to putting her life on the line, Alexa’s mission is to keep other women safe from harm.  Having someone slip under her defenses and capture her heart is the last thing Alexa ever expected, but then Lance Riker makes a living by showing up where people least expect him.


Combat, tactical expert, and instructor to adrenaline-junkies, Lance Riker, first meets Alexa while on assignment. He immediately sees past her bravado to the inner demons she keeps on a tight leash. Never one to run from impossible challenges, he befriends her. What Lance didn’t foresee was in Alexa, he’s met his perfect match.


When Lance goes missing, Alexa discovers it’s no coincidence. She puts everything on the line for the man she loves. Where no rules apply, her enemy won’t stop until Alexa gets exactly what’s coming to her. But with her whole life at stake, including her heart, Alexa King isn’t about to let someone from her past break her.


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